Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in GloBelly?

To be part of GloBelly you just need to sign up and download the application to your device. Once you’re signed up we will send more details and match you with another mom-to-be so you can get started sharing your pregnancy experience, and make a new friend.

What are the requirements for participating in GloBelly?

In order to join GloBelly you must be pregnant, have a device on which you are able to install the app and have a good grasp of English. But don’t stress, as long as you get understood. You can also communicate with pictures.

What devices are compatible with the app?

You can use GloBelly on Android, IOS and Windows phones and computers.

Do I have to be pregnant to take part in GloBelly?

Yes. GloBelly is a tool specifically for pregnant women so they can communicate and share their experiences, ideas and questions with one-another.

Is GloBelly free to use?

Yes. GloBelly is free to download and free to use.

Will I be charged for the messages I send?

GloBelly is an internet messaging service, to send and receive messages you need to be connected to the internet either via Wi-Fi or 3G. As long as you do not exceed your data limit or are connected to a free Wi-Fi network you will not be charged extra for the messages you send on GloBelly.

Can I choose my own GloBelly friend?

We want women using the application to get as much out of the service as possible, therefore we carefully match you with a mom-to-be from a different country.

Can I have more than one buddy?

No. GloBelly is designed to be a one-to-one messaging service that connects two women as they experience their pregnancy. Everyone using the site will be paired with just one other mom-to-be.

Can I change the person I’ve been matched with?

If for any reason you are not happy with your GloBelly friend we can find you a new one. Let us know here.

Which countries are using GloBelly currently?

As Globelly gets started we will have moms-to-be from Finland, Uganda, Kenya, India, and Nigeria, but we hope that women in every country around the world will one day be able to use GloBelly.

Can I continue to chat to my GloBelly friend after I give birth?

Of course. We hope that women using GloBelly will make friendships that will last long after they leave the labour ward.

Can I send pictures or media on GloBelly?

Yes, you can use GloBelly to take and send photos.

Will the app have access to my device’s data such as photo library?

It is up to you. You can allow GloBelly access to your photo stream and camera if you wish to share images. You can change your mind at any point and turn access on or off in your device’s settings.

How does GloBelly ensure my privacy and data is protected?

In order to receive instructions on how to use the app and be connected with your GloBelly friend participants need to provide a username or ‘nickname’, an email address and a telephone number. These details will be handled securely and will not be shared with third parties.

Staying safe on GloBelly

As with any online application it is important to never give out sensitive information such as bank details or passwords, and to only share as much or little about yourself as you feel comfortable.

My app isn’t working

If you are having any difficulties using the app please contact us here for help.

How do I report something abusive or suspicious?

If you notice anything suspicious or abusive please get in touch with us immediately here.

When is the deadline to sign up?

You have until the end of September 2017 to sign up. After that date we will match our moms-to-be and you can get started using GloBelly.

When will I be matched?

At the end of July 2017 is the first round of matching. You can sing up until the end of September and we’ll match you as soon as we have other participants.